Desktop Computers


At Stargate Technologies we make desktop computers with a variety of upgrade options to make sure you get a computer perfect for your needs.

Standard Models start at $349 and include the following:

– 4 GBs of DDR3 RAM
– Dual core Intel Celeron Processor
– 120 GB Solid-state Drive
– DVD Burner
– Mouse, keyboard, speakers


Upgrades and Add-Ons
Processor Upgrades
 Pentium    (4th Gen) $30
 Core i3     (4th Gen) $100
 Core i5     (4th Gen) $175
 Core i7     (4th Gen) $275
Memory Upgrades
 8GB       DDR3 $44
 16GB DDR3 $115
 32GB DDR3 $275
Hard Drive Add-Ons
 1000GB (1TB) Hard Drive $75
 2000GB (2TB) Hard Drive $105
 3000GB (3TB) Hard Drive $155
 4000GB (4TB) Hard Drive $235
SSD Upgrades
 240GB           SSD $75
 480GB           SSD $200
 1000GB (1TB)              SSD $480
Other Add-Ons
 Wi-Fi Adapter $29
 Dedicated Video Card Varies
 Extra DVD Burner $30
 Blu-Ray Burner $100
 22” LED Full HD Monitor $150
 24” LED Full HD Monitor $200
 3 Year Standard Warranty $100*
 5 Year On-Site Warranty $200*

*up to $600